Antigua’s 365 Beaches

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While this fact is not true for everyone, we think it is safe to say that at least half of most human beings enjoy a great, sunny day at the beach. After all, how could you not? Even if the beach is not typically for you, if you decide to visit Antigua, you should consider giving the beaches here a shot.

Antigua offers a plethora of beautiful beaches – 365 in fact – that are enjoyed often by both tourists and locals alike, and for very good reason. To put it simply, these beaches offer a whole lot of beauty and unforgettable experiences alike.


Practically anything you could type into the search bar regarding Antigua will yield results detailing facts about their 365 beaches. In fact, it is a well-known, world-famous fact that brings in a consistent flow of tourists. Should you decide to visit this stunning island nation, be prepared to make room for trips to one or multiple different beaches in the area in which you are staying. Even if you are someone who does not enjoy full days at the beach, be sure to give these beaches a chance as it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

An Antiguan Beach for Every Day of the Year

Fryers beach Antigua

The Rainbow at Fryers beach Antigua



When you vacation in Antigua it is quite easy to find a hirable driver for tours of the beaches in the area. From Ffryes Beach to the Valley Church Beach, you will want to be sure that you do not miss out on a guided ride through these lovely, natural sites. Not only is it easy to find a guide, but you will also discover that tours such as this will not break the bank. Ultimately, you cannot beat the affordable, natural beauty that exists here. Most of all, you certainly cannot miss it should you get such an opportunity.

Galleon Beach

This scenic beach, in particular, can be found sitting in the English Harbour. When you reach this peaceful setting you will notice plenty of unique wildlife from turtles to colorful fish. Additionally, Galleon is well-known for all of its endless, excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. The friendly locals and drivers around the area only add to this already positive and unforgettable experience. If you are into art then you are in luck. Galleon Beach hosts many different cultural events such as the very memorable “Art on the Beach”. Oh, and take note, if your driver is asking too much for rides, always try to bargain. They are often up to it!


Valley Church Beach


In a semi-relative area to Galleon Beach, you will find Valley Church Beach. However, we do not recommend trying to hoof it there. It is just a bit too far—again, utilize public transportation for a convenient, leisurely experience. Valley Church Beach is typically a bit busier than some of the other. If you are looking to sunbathe/get a good seat at the beach, plan on arriving early. Grab an umbrella and enjoy lunch and local drinks offered directly on the beach. Plus, with free WiFi available, you can always remain connected in case of emergency.

Church Valley Beach Antigua

Runaway Beach

Located near Saint John’s in Antigua and Barbuda on Dickinson’s Bay you will discover a lovely beach by the name of Runaway Beach. Besides the beautiful landscape and wildlife, here you can also enjoy the famous Corbinson’s Point. With crystal clear blue waters, scenic parks, and the Mystic Bar, you will not soon find yourself bored during a visit to Runaway Beach. Are you a fan of horses? If so, here you will have the opportunity to ride horses both on the beach and along various, scenic trails. It is a truly unique experience you will certainly remember always. If you happen to be reaching Antigua by way of a cruise ship, Runaway Beach is quite close to the ports.

Beautiful landscape of Runaway Beach in Antigua, with golden sand, turquoise sea & blue sky, Caribbean.

Fun in the Sun at Antigua’s 365 Beaches

While there are beaches all over the world, it is quite rare to stumble on a place in which there are 365 beaches in total. While beaches are all considerably similar, you will discover new and different opportunities and experiences at practically every individual location. Whether you are looking for a place to swim, dive, or snorkel, you can find that and much more all over Antigua. Make sure you get photographs so you remember the unspeakable beauty in Antigua.


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Visiting Antigua Beaches


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