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When you vacation in Morocco, one can expect a colorful, lively time that will have you living life like it is the weekend the entire duration of your adventures.

From unique, tailored tours, to breathtaking architecture and landscapes, there is truly something here for everyone.

Morocco is anything but a hop, skip, and a jump away for most of us, and getting there requires a decent amount of planning and physical travel—unless of course, you live in Spain or Northern Africa. Let’s assume that you do not. Whether you are reaching Morocco by plane or boat, all are welcome here and it is easy to have an effortless, once in a lifetime experience.

Assuming this is your first time, we believe everyone deserves to travel. Not only to take in all that the area has to offer, but to enrich and change your life for the better. Therefore, we have taken the liberty of outlining the top ways in which one can enjoy Morocco to the fullest.


Getting Lost in the Medinas

If you have never heard of the Medinas, they happen to be the historic hearts and souls of every Moroccan city. The Medinas are part residential, part shopping center, and food market – so there is plenty to do and see before moving on to the next great thing. Travel by way of twisting roads and enjoy local shops and foods that are certain to please even the pickiest of foodies. Enjoy the scenery of local architecture and friendly natives before traveling off the beaten path and seeing Moroccan wildlife or stop in to take in Moroccan music and refreshing beverages at one of their many bar locations. This is perhaps the best way to live life like a native Moroccan.

Chefchaouen Street

Chefchaouen Street


See the Todgha Gorge

There are many lovely natural features in Morocco. So many in fact that one could plan their entire trip based on the natural sights here. The Todgha Gorge is the most famous gorge in all of the world—so you know it is worth the trip. With the possibility for endless, scenic hikes, new and discoverable wildlife, and scenic spots for romantics; you will be far from disappointed with the surroundings in Morocco. Whether you would like to hike the canyon or take breathtaking photos from above, the Todgha Gorge offers sights and sounds like you have never before experienced. Do not miss out on this opportunity – especially if you are a nature lover.

Gorges du Dades in Morocco

Gorges du Dades in Morocco


Learning to Cook Moroccan Cuisine

An international vacation is not complete with an exploration into the local cuisine. Luckily, Morocco is well-known for its spices and local foods alike. Typically, your traditional Moroccan food is made up of a blend of Arabic, Berber, Turkish, French, and Middle Eastern influences. In turn, you will notice that there are plenty of options in terms of what you wish to enjoy/learn to prepare. If you visit Morocco, be sure to stop into Café Clock. Here you will find some of the best cooking classes available anywhere in Morocco. This café, in particular, has heavy Western influence and even offers their take on the beloved burger—only their version features camel meat. Those who have tried it can report that its flavors are reminiscent of spicy shawarma.

Tajin beef stew with rice

Tajin beef stew with rice


Make your Way Through Kasbah Des Oudaias

Located in beautiful Rabat, Morocco, this old-timey spot can be found in the actual oldest area of the city. The tranquil and picturesque narrow streets and lines of white houses make for a dreamy adventure that perfectly exemplifies the motivation behind making the decision to reside in Morocco. All in all, the Kasbah Des Oudaias is the perfect place to find yourself lost and wandering. In the end, you never know what you will stumble upon.

Rabat Old Medina, Morocco

Rabat Old Medina, Morocco

Enjoy the Beach and Catch Some Waves

If you are a member of the surfing community then you are probably well aware of the fact that Morocco is a favorite among surfers worldwide. If you’ve never experienced Morocco for yourself, the best time for you to visit the area and catch some waves is during the winter when the temperatures are somewhat mild. In addition, the waves are much larger during the winter season so it is highly ideal for a variety of popular water sports. To celebrate the adventurous sport known as surfing, consider a trip to Taghazoute which is the most popular surf town anywhere in the area. From big waves to incredible surf shops, celebrating surf culture has never been easier.

taghazout morocco

Taghazout morocco

Travel to Morocco on your Next Vacation

With so many different places in the world, it can be challenging at times when you are searching for the ultimate vacation destination. However, Morocco can be quite a comforting and colorful country, full of life and its greatest wonders. Ideally, if you are looking for an affordable vacation you will want to book your trip a decent amount of time ahead. This way you can save money not only on travel but on lodgings as well.

When it comes to lodging , our personal picks for best hotels to stay at while in Morocco, Check out Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses and  Riad Le Clos des Arts.

For a truly unique and intimate experience, consider a trip via Villiers Chartered Jet and experience a smooth, easy going flight.


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