How to See Dubai On a Budget

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Traveling practically anywhere can lead to big expenses, uncertainties, and limitations when it comes time to execute your plans due to your budget. Because of this fact, many of us who wish to travel do not even begin to try. After all, between food, lodging, and the cost of travel, the finished price can be quite intimidating. However, this should not be the case – and in fact – it does not have to be.
Luckily here at, we understand that the need to roam and discover new areas for ourselves in something that resides in the human spirit. It is highly beneficial for people of all kinds to experience new and exciting activities in various locations around the world. Therefore, we aim to help everyone looking to travel by producing rich, detailed accounts of how to see the world without breaking the bank. Today we discuss Dubai.

Hot Tips for Enjoying Dubai on a Budget
Dubai is quite a travel destination. It is chocked full of unbelievable sights and sounds that will transform your senses with all of its beauty and ethnic differences. In fact, to travelers all over the world can agree that Dubai is the city of dreams for wandering souls everywhere. If you wish to delight in the unforgettable experience that is Dubai but you worry about your budget limitations, the following are some helpful tips that will have you spending less while seeing more.

Save On Plane Tickets
One of the more expensive costs we are faced with when planning our travels is the price of airfare. When you begin planning your vacation you should purchase your travel tickets before anything else. This is highly encouraged for several reasons. In reference to Dubai, this city is known as an area that can be quite a pricey place in which to spend your time and hard-earned dollars. Luckily, there is a way to save big on travel expenses—and it can be fairly easy to pull off. First and foremost, buy your plane tickets as far in advance as you can. Not only will this assure you good seating, but you will also find yourself experiencing and enjoying an inexpensive treat.

Booking Practical Lodgings
One of the more common and beautiful spots to shack up for the night or week if the Burj Al Arab. In fact, it is so loved and admired in fact that it has earned a total of 7 stars—quite impressive when compared to other hotels in the area. If this is within your budget, by all means, claim a room! However, we assume you are looking to save money. For this reason, you will want to peruse reasonably priced lodgings and decide which best fits your plans. Again, when you book your hotel you should try and get it done in advance for cheaper fares.

Save On Transportation Around the City
Once you arrive in Dubai, unless you are coming from a nearby city you will, of course, be without a car. What fun is it to travel if you are stuck in your hotel? Luckily for those wishing to travel through Dubai on a restricted diet, the public transportation in Dubai is highly-affordable and of top-notch quality. If you plan on using this method to get to and from the Dubai attractions, your best bet is to invest in an RTA NOL card. Choose between buses, trains, car services, and even water taxis—whatever tickles your fancy while suiting your individual needs.

Eating in Dubai On a Budget
When it comes time for food, try and plan your meals ahead, or even bring along some cheap yet, fresh meal plan that is full of nutritious yet tasty ingredients which will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The best part is, you can bring all of your favorite foods, often times buying things slowly for the months following up to your departure date. When you find yourself in Dubai, you can also visit local shops for new cuisines and local goods. It proves considerably cheaper than eating out every day.

Cheap Sights and Leisure
What more can we ask for than a little rest and relaxation while on vacation? Most of the time when we venture out like this, that is our ultimate goal. So, if you are planning on visiting Dubai and you are on a budget, we highly suggest that you pay a quick visit to Kite Beach. Here you can view endless miles of talented kite-surfers situated all along the water. Additionally, you can check out the sun, sand, and even the surf, all without breaking the bank.

Taking in the Beauty of Dubai
Dubai is a luxurious, culturally enriched area full of delightful locals and tourists alike. While it may seem impossible to reach such a lovely destination on your own—it, in fact, does not have to be. By reading up and following the various articles at, you will find a whole load of helpful tips and tricks that will help you reach your goal. More importantly, we are here to save you money! How else are you going to afford souvenir?


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