Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Jamaica

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It’s no secret that Jamaica is one of the most popular tourist destinations anywhere in the world.


In fact, the main money-making industry in Jamaica is tourism. From souvenirs to electric cuisine, our adventures ultimately help to keep its economy afloat. Now, coming from a personal stance, Jamaica is one of our favorite travel spots and once one sees this beautiful country it is easy to see why we completely fell in love with it. From miles of naturally beautiful beaches to a unique and unbeatable friendly culture, when you travel to Jamaica your experience will be anything but a negative one. If anything, this journey with leave you with a long-lasting memory of what it is like to live the island life. If you are ready to begin, let’s jump right in and take a look at the many reasons why we fell in love with Jamaica.

The Beaches in Jamaica

It goes without saying that many of us travel to places like Jamaica with the hopes and dreams of relaxing and sipping drinks while lying in the sand without a care in the world. If this describes your vacation intentions, the beaches of Jamaica are simply breathtaking. Furthermore, the beaches alone are enough to make you fall in love. Beyond pure sands and crystal waters, a trip to one of Jamaica’s many beaches fills your senses with alluring sights and sounds and natural wonders from waterfalls to rushing rivers. Jamaica’s many beaches offer friendly service, tasty cocktails, and delectable dishes that will have you completely immersed in Jamaican culture with the desire to stay for as long as possible.

7 Mile White Sand beach Negril Jamaica

7 Mile White Sand beach Negril Jamaica

 Jamaican  Cuisine

If you are a fan of tasty eats like the rest of us, a trip to Jamaica will leave you beyond satisfied with the flavors of this beautiful island nation. Beyond the fact that it is highly affordable, Jamaica also offers a vast variety of dishes for your taste buds to sample. From an array of flavorful soups and stews to Jamaican Jerk, you ultimately have your choice between a light meal and a rich and fresh meat or seafood plate.

Ackee and Saltfish , Calaloo with Cassava " Bammy"and Plantains

Ackee and Saltfish , Calaloo with Cassava ” Bammy”and Plantains


For the ultimate taste experience, there are a few Jamaican dishes you simply cannot leave the country without sampling. From their many goat dishes to the Jamaican national dish of ackee and saltfish, their colorful cuisine is nothing if not incredibly enlightening.


The View in Jamaica

The Jamaican countryside is filled with bright rays of sun, majestic wildlife, and unforgettable nature scenes that simply scream out to be captured in the photographic sense. Check out sloping waterfalls, tropical paradises, and stunning sunsets all around the island. Perhaps the best place to take in the sunset is at the Western tip of Jamaica—also known as Negril. Venture out to Negril to enjoy a cold, refreshing drink and a bit of romance with your sunset. If you feel like taking things to the next level and seeing sights you may never see again, one can even join the recreational cliff jumpers who take life to the next level.

Rick’s Cafe Sunset Negril Jamaica


 Jamaican Music Culture

When we think of Jamaica we can practically hear the sounds of the drums and other native Jamaican instruments that greet guests as they arrive. Right from the get-go, the music of this lovely island is an experience all on its own. From colorful and lively parades to the relaxing vibes of house music in bars and restaurants all over the island, one cannot travel very far without experiencing these Jamaican tunes. Are you a fan of Bob Marley? While many of us can confidently say yes to this question, Bob Marley was much more than just his music. Therefore, his legacy is warmly celebrated year ‘round on the island and it is something both tourists and locals must experience at least once in their lives. From Rastafari culture to the smooth sounds of the Wailing Rude Boys, finding a band to light up your vacation has never been easier.

Reggae Sumfest Damian Marley.

Reggae Sumfest Damian Marley.

 Jamaica Diverse Ecosystems

It is easy to assume that Jamaica is entirely made up of an island-like ecosystem. However, one of the many facts that had us at hello is the unique array of ecosystems in Jamaica. Nature lovers rejoice! For the biodiversity in this wondrous country makes it convenient to enjoy numerous different adventures all in the same vicinity.

Mystic Mountain Ocho Rios Jamaica

Mystic Mountain Ocho Rios Jamaica


Try your hand at flying through the treetops in a helicopter or on a skyline, or practice training for the winter Olympics in the Caribbean. Discover vast landscapes and wild crocodiles along your way, taking in every fresh breath and natural sight like it’s your last chance.

Blue lagoon Portland Jamaica

Blue lagoon Portland Jamaica



Fall in Love with Jamaica on your Next Vacation

The outstanding island nation of Jamaica is a once in a lifetime experience that one simply cannot miss—especially if you are a fan of both nature and travel. No matter what you are looking for, Jamaica truly has it all in terms of things you could hope to see and do. The inviting vibes boasted by Jamaica are something you simply do not experience just anywhere.

Of course you will need a place to stay while visiting this beautiful island. First on our list is Portland Trident Hotel, this area  has one of the best shorelines, amazing beaches, waterfalls and the best scenic views. Next up is the Cliff Hotel situated in Negril Jamaica, it’s one of the best luxury boutique hotels in the Caribbean. It is perfect for  a romantic getaway or honeymoon. Last  but not least, Golden Eye Hotel Jamaica.  Imagine  being able to enjoy the luxuries of a private villa, amazing beaches,  on the same location of the filming on the James Bond movie. Now that’s  something to talk about!!

You can reach Jamaica via cruise ship or plane, or even by way of a  Villiers Chartered Jet! For the most affordable travel, plan on booking both your trip and lodgings in advance.  And always remember  “EVERYTING IRIE MAN”!

Vacation in Jamaica


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