Safest Places To Travel Alone-Even If You Are A Female

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Are you spending some holiday travel time on your own? If that’s the case, you need to focus on safety first. You are no longer able to rely on the “buddy system” when you’re on your own, so perhaps hiking and other multi-day camping adventures may not be the safest option. Instead, here are the safest places to travel alone—even if you’re of the female persuasion.

Toronto, Canada

safest places to travel alone, toronto,

Toronto, Canada

This is one of the largest cities in Canada, yet it somehow feels safe to walk around here even at night. The weather is great here during summer and fall.

What to Do in Toronto When You’re Alone

  • Go shopping in Yorkville and Queen Street. The posh stores are in the Yorkville area, while Queen Street has the casual shops and chain brands.
  • Relax on a rooftop bar. This is especially great in the summer, when the weather and views are absolutely gorgeous. Try the Porch of Lavelle, and the Thomson Hotel Rooftop Bar. You can also get to Kost if you want brunch along with your rooftop view.
  • Check out the food markets. More specifically, go to Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market. These are two of the most famous food markets in the whole North America.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An  vietnam,

Hoi An, Vietnam

The country itself is one of safest places to travel alone and that’s especially true in this quaint city. It’s so safe here that plenty of solo travelers make it a point to visit. The whole place is full of historical buildings, while at night the streets are lined with lanterns. Just visit between February and April, because after May the heat may be intolerable to those unused to these temperatures.

What to Do in Hoi An When You’re Alone

  • Check out the historical town. There are plenty of historical buildings here, including the Hoi An Fujian Assembly Hall and the Japanese covered Bridge. Be sure to try out at least one of the tea houses too.
  • Chomp down on the street food. You can eat all day here as everywhere you look there are street food options for sale. All you need is a sense of adventure when trying the local street fare.
  •  Enjoy the night life walking by the river. The whole place looks magical with the lit lanterns on the streets. Walk by the river and enjoy the bars and shops at night, especially the lantern shops.

New York City, US

Safest places to travel alone, NYC,


NYC is a far cry from the gritty Gotham City of the 1970s. For many years now it’s been one of the safest places to travel alone.The people here are straightforward, and they’re welcoming of visitors from all over the world. Just don’t get into an argument with them as to which is the greatest city on Earth. New Yorkers are just that proud of their city.

You don’t really want to visit New York during the summer, unless the summer in your country is actually worse. An NYC summer can be both extremely hot and humid. Winter isn’t all that good either with the bitter cold, though the Xmas décor can alleviate your misery. Visit here during the spring or fall instead.

What to Do in NYC When You’re Alone

  • Make friends in Central Park. There’s always something to enjoy here, and it offers a welcome respite from the utterly urban NY landscape.
  • Shop in SoHo. Go south of Houston Street to get your fill of cool designer shops, trendy cafes, and terrific spots for brunch. This is where the trendy folks go.
  • Go to Times Square. Yes, the local New Yorkers hate the place, and so do many other tourists who have been here at least once. Yet you need to decide for yourself if it’s really that bad.
    Who knows if it might appeal to your sensibilities?

London, UK

safest places to travel,London,



Locals in London like to say that their city is the real cosmopolitan center of the world. They say it’s like NYC in how you can get anything you want here, while like NYC everything’s also expensive. It does rain quite often, though during the summer the weather is actually nice. Some come here during the Yuletide season with all the fancy decorations and Christmas markets.

What to Do in London When You’re Alone

  •  Gorge yourself in galleries and museums. You seriously have to the British Museum. After that, there’s the Tate Modern Museum or the National Gallery. These places are just fantastic, even when you visit alone.
  • See a show. There’s an ongoing argument about whether Broadway in NYC or the West End of London is the theatre capital of the world. Sidestep that argument and just watch a darn show here.
  • Visit East London. Try Bricklane Market, along with Shoreditch and Camden. These places are some of the trendy hotspots in London right now, with lots of clubs, bars, cafes, gourmet restaurants, and street art.

Paris, France

Safest places to travel, France,

Paris, France

Don’t talk about the movie Taken when you get here. Unlike in the Liam Neeson-starrer, Paris in real life is actually one of the safest places to travel alone, even solo female travelers.In fact, girls really love the city with its classy air and chic style. As for the solo guys, there’s always the Parisienne beauties.

What to Do in Paris When You’re Alone

  •  Visit the Louvre. Get there early as the line can get really long. At least take a peek at the Mona Lisa to see what the fuss is all about. After that, try the Orsay Museum. That’s just across the river from the Louvre.
  • Amble around the Notre-Dame neighborhood. We’re not talking about going up Notre-Dame itself, though you can always go if you want (when the renovations are done). It’s just that there’s going to be a long line, and you may be tired of all that. Instead, just enjoy the scenery and the ambiance of the Notre-Dame neighborhood. It’s just that cool.
  • Enjoy the outdoor cafes. There are plenty of these shops around, and some of the servers are actually friendly. Here you may want to try out your French, especially if you’re seriously trying to learn the language. The French folks tend to appreciate the effort.

Florence, Italy


Florence, Italy

Yes, Rome is great too. But here in Florence the crowds aren’t as large, and as a solo traveler you get to appreciate the birthplace of the Renaissance. Here you have terrific shopping opportunities to go with foodie options, plus lots and lots of history.
Come here during the autumn months, though late spring is also a good option. It can get rather warm here in the summer, while the winter can get cold when you’re alone.

What to Do in Florence When You’re Alone

  • Visit a steakhouse. You didn’t anticipate this option, did you? Even native Texans admit that the Florentine steak is an absolute experience.
  •  Buy tickets in advance for the Duomo. This cathedral is arguably the most well-known and most-visited place in the whole city. You can climb to the top, but get the tickets in advance so you don’t have to get in line for an hour.
  •  Climb up the Piazzale Michelangelo. You get a great view of historical Florence up here, and you don’t even have to pay for it. Hopefully you have a terrific digital cam so your pictures  can provide postcard-perfect images.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Many of the touristy places are close to each other, which is convenient. Actually, you can easily get around the city on a bike. Everyone here bikes to and fro. Visit during the months of April and May for the best weather and for the blooming tulips. Summers are also popular, but you’ll have to deal with the huge crowds. During the autumn, rains are more frequent.

What to Do in Amsterdam When You’re Alone

  • Come to Museum Square. You have a bunch of museums right next to each other. Perhaps the most iconic of them all is the Van Gogh Museum, especially if you’ve seen the Doctor Who episode when historical Van Gogh goes into the future to see all his works appreciate by everyone.
  •  Enjoy the street food. This means you need to try the rijsttafel. After that, you can also try the local Tibetan and Indonesian restaurants.
  • Satisfy your curiosity about their Red Light District. It’s hard to miss the place, since it’s right smack in the middle of the city center. You don’t really have to partake at all, but it’s very safe here with the tourist crowds gawking after dark.


Of course, there are still bad parts of town in these places. So, use some commons sense and don’t visit these places. Watch yourself when you drink in public and keep an eye on your belongings. With your smartphone and an internet connection, you’re also not really alone—tell everyone back home where you are and what you’re up to. Try any of these cities, as they are safest places to travel alone.


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