Staying Fit While Traveling and Glam

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Is it that hard to stay fit while traveling?

Cheat days. Many people think that traveling for extended periods counts as cheat days wherein traveling, partying and sleeping are on the agenda and exercising isn’t. There are many reasons to be had, too, from the unavailability of your typical workout routine to the ease of succumbing to temptations.

But it’s such a completely false notion! You’re likely just convincing yourself that it’s okay to let yourself go because it’s a well-deserved vacation or an all-important business, perhaps a bit of both. You’re also fooling yourself because it’s so easy to stay fit while traveling –and traveling in luxury, at that!

Here are ways that you can stay glam and fit while you’re hopping from one place to the next.

 Staying Fit While Traveling -Think of it as an Escape

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No, not an escape from your fitness routine! In fact, you will want to stay fit while traveling because packing and unpacking your bags, enjoying the activities and sights, and partying while on a luxury cruise, for example, can really take its toll. The more physically fit you are, the more enjoyable your vacation will be because you can actually keep up with your itinerary.

So, what exactly do we mean by thinking of it as an escape? When thinking of what you can do to stay fit on the road, think of the acronym:
E – Easy to do exercise routines since traveling can be stressful as it is
S – Scalable depending on your energy levels (i.e., some days, you feel low-energy, others high-energy)
C – Convenient so you can quickly get to it
A – Adaptable such that it can be done in or out of the gym (i.e., sometimes, even a luxury hotel may not have an adequate gym)
P – Portable, thus, the importance of packing travel-suitable workout gear
E – Effective workouts that get you in shape in whatever available time you have

With these things in mind, you will be able to plan ahead. You can pack workout gear and accessories that can be packed in your luggage, perhaps even wash and dry easily. You can ask your personal trainer for an on-the-go workout routine and ask for recommendations of gyms in whatever neighborhood you will be in; for example, Anytime Fitness has worldwide locations so getting in your workout is easier.

Staying Fit While Traveling-Research Your Options Early On

Before you’re going anywhere, you should have an itinerary of where you’re going, what you’re going to do and when you’re planning to do them – it’s called getting the most out of your luxury travel. You should ideally schedule in a 30-minute or 45-minute quick visit to a gym and it takes just a bit of research to find one in whatever area you will be in. Darling, that’s called the Internet!

You should contact the hotel regarding on-site or nearby gyms. If none are available, you can still get fit by bringing your own portable gym – resistance band exercises combined with aerobics exercises in your room will suffice for the time being. You may also consider walking and running trails in the area.

Even if there’s an on-site gym in the hotel or a nearby gym where you’re a member in another branch, you should still pack your workout accessories.

The easiest – and smallest – to carry are your swimsuit, heart rate monitor, jump rope, and resistance band. You
don’t want to borrow other people’s personal accessories, after all.

Tip: Use the ClassPass app, which allows its users to explore a wide variety of gyms and classes in numerous areas with a one-time membership fee. You can find cycling, yoga and rock climbing classes, among other options, and book whatever classes suit your traveling lifestyle.

Keep a Safety Mindset

Now that you have the gym information and your workout gear, your next step should be to adopt a safety mindset. Well, of course, you should always have a safety mindset whatever exercises you’re doing, both at home and in the gym, but it’s much more important when you’re abroad.

When you’re traveling, you don’t want to get injured or ill because of your carelessness during exercise. You want instead to exercise in order to have the physical energy and mental alertness to actually enjoy your vacation.

You should then avoid new exercises that can put unfamiliar pressures on your body, even when these new exercise seem like the bomb. The more important thing here is maintenance of your fitness level, not upping it up a notch and possibly putting yourself at risk. So, stick to the old routines and try new ones when you’re in the comfort of home – and where your health plan applies and family and friends are on hand to lend a helping hand.

Stay Committed to your Fitness

Your commitment to staying healthy should be present regardless of where you are in the world. You have numerous ways to remind yourself about your fitness plan even when you’re enjoying the sights and sounds including:

  • Writing your fitness time on your daily planner
  • Setting up an alarm on your smartphone
  •  Using a fitness app
  • Getting up in the morning and just getting to it ASAP

Indeed, there’s no excuse for being lax on your luxury holiday!

Don’t forget about your nutrition, too. You may think that luxurious traveling means bingeing on the delicious food served as if every day was a feast – and it likely is. You should remember that overall fitness isn’t just about the exercise but also about the nutrition.

A few tips to keep you on track, nutrition-wise.

  • Start with a large yet healthy breakfast. You will need the energy from the food after an 8-hour fast while you were sleeping, not to mention that breakfast will get your metabolism running. You don’t have to stuff yourself silly – pancakes, sunny side-up eggs, and bacon with coffee should do the trick, if you’re into an all-American breakfast.
  • Eat at regular intervals and stick to moderate portions. You don’t want to spend your time in the toilet due to constipation or diarrhea – and it can happen even when you stick to Michelin-rated restaurant foods. Drink plenty of water, too, because your body needs rehydration no matter what you’re doing.

Being on a luxurious vacation has its temptations but when you’re committed to staying fit and glam, then these temptations can be easily conquered.

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