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Australia is easily one of the most beautiful places one can visit for a number of reasons. Should you choose to pay Australia a visit, you certainly do not want to miss out on the opportunity to see and enjoy the lovely city of Sydney. With warm and welcoming locals and picturesque landscapes, Sydney, Australia is a real treat for fans of travel. Furthermore, there is more than one way to enjoy your trip at an affordable overall price! Naturally, should you be planning a trip to this area, you most certainly have questions in regard to what to do and see. Moving forward, we are here today to outline for you a detailed bucket list of stuff you simply cannot miss if you find yourself visiting the stunning city of Sydney. Let’s dip our toes in and discover some of what Sydney has to offer to visitors from all around the world.

Dip Your Toes in – Literally! The Bondi Icebergs Pool

While vacationing in a warm location, many of inevitably end up poolside or hitting the beach. In Sydney, you have the opportunity to take a swim in the most famous and photographed ocean pool in all of Australia. This 50-meter saltwater pool is a highly popular site filled with sunbathers and water enthusiasts alike. As a major landmark of Bondi, here you can enjoy fun in the sun all day long for just $7! Beyond the pool, you can also enjoy the sauna and/or gym while you are there – all included in this low price. Are you by chance a yogi? If so, you can even opt for a seaside yoga class at only $25!

Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia

Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia

Enjoy More Than Ideal Lodgings In Sydney Australia !

Planning a vacation often requires the booking of a reliable hotel, motel, or hostel so we have a place to rest our heads at the end of a long, adventurous day filled with sightseeing. In Sydney, there are many versatile options where lodgings are concerned. At Little Albion, you will discover a boutique style hotel with a picturesque rooftop terrace, free WI-FI and breakfast, and reliable concierge services for helpful guidance. Furthermore, there are plenty of worthwhile spots nearby, offering various experiences from the Capitol Theatre to Hyde Park.
Are you looking for something a bit more “larger than life”? For an unforgettable lodging experience, consider booking a room at Adina Apartment Hotel – Sydney Surry Hills. Found in a convenient location, this hotel features a garden courtyard and full-size apartment for extended stays. From studio sized apartments up to two-bedrooms with a city view—this hotel is highly rated, especially among couples!

 The Archibald Fountain in Sydney's Hyde Park

Sydney, Australia – The Archibald Fountain in Sydney’s Hyde Park

Enjoy a Coastal Walk from Manly to Spit

Stretching as far as 18-km, this voyage is excellent both for exercise and aesthetic enjoyment. From sandy coves to rocky staircases, the natural elements are what truly make this trek worthwhile. With a minimum of four “secret” beaches along the way, this mini-adventure is great for health and nature nuts alike. The cherry on top? Make sure you do not miss the Grotto Point Aboriginal engravings, featuring the outlines of everything from giant fish and boomerangs, to kangaroos and beyond. Last but not least, be sure to snap lots of photographs so you can reflect back to your journey.

Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia

Manly Beach in Sydney

Take in Local Art on the Culture Scouts: Inner West Tour

Whether you are a fan of graffiti or not, the local street art in Sydney is both aesthetically pleasing and packed with culture. Furthermore, it is much more than just simple names or tags like some of the gritty street art found in cities worldwide. Instead, much of it truly encompasses the spirit and artistic passion of local artists from the area. This three-hour walking tour of the Newtown and Enmore area, is led by a knowledgeable local guide who is more than equipped to point out some of the more intriguing sites around the Inner West. From well-known artists Lister, Skulk, and Numbskull—much of this art is practically infamous. Be especially sure to check out the piece entitled ‘Save Our Coral Reef’, by Phibs and George Rose.

Take in Local Live Music at the Lansdowne Hotel Sydney

If you are one who likes to fit in with the locals when you travel, the reviled Sydney pub known as the Lansdowne Hotel provides guests with stellar pizza and burgers, natural wine selections, and impressive local live music of all kinds. With several different floors and plenty to offer, your experience all depends on what you are looking for. Their velvet-lined, 250-person venue is intimate enough for a night full of folky tunes, with enough room to cut a rug during those more upbeat nights. With popular local bands like King Tide and You Am I frequenting the stage, there is never a dull night at this happening venue.

View Sydney from the Sky with Sydney Helitours

If you can tolerate heights, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! With Sydney Helitours, you can personally ride in a helicopter above Sydney from within a clear glass cabin! This experience allows the passenger the opportunity to see Sydney from all angles with the help of an experienced pilot and guide. Beginning at Darling Harbour, you and your pilot will fly towards Goat Island, floating over a lovely bridge that ultimately leads to the remarkably gorgeous coastline ranging from Vaucluse to the lovely golden sands of Bondi and Maroubra. Be sure to snap plenty of photos as you may not have the chance again!

Aerial view of Bondi beach and North Bondi

Aerial view of Bondi beach and North Bondi Sydney

Charter a Jet and Head to Sydney Today!

Sydney, Australia is a beautiful area that we highly recommend visiting for anyone who enjoys traveling to new places. As a part of our goal, we aim to help steer potential travelers toward more affordable methods to award people of all budgets with the opportunity to see new areas. While plane tickets can be quite pricey, that is not the only possible way to reach Sydney! In fact, by chartering a jet, you will spend less money, successfully reach your destination, and enjoy an intimate flight experience like no other. Consider chartering a jet today, and ultimately you will reach new heights and new lands, all at a budget-friendly cost.


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