The Best Hidden Gems of the Caribbean

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It is human nature that leaves mankind with wanderlust and the desire to roam and discover unfamiliar parts of the world. However, this is not always easy—especially when it comes to funding such elaborate trips. For this reason, much of the youth today find themselves unable to take a vacation, although travels such as these are so beneficial to the human spirit. When it comes to the topic of affordable travel, one does not often think of the Caribbean. After all, for as long as we can remember, the Caribbean has stood as a highly-desirable vacation destination. Additionally, with all the Caribbean has to offer, who could afford a fulfilling vacation in such an area?
As it happens, when you choose to utilize the resources offered by Luxury Travelin, you will find that you are in luck. At Luxury Travelin, we provide simple and affordable vacation solutions for anyone, both young and old, to leave their home comfortably and discover other parts of the world. Ultimately, when you know the right information, you should find yourself able to visit the Caribbean quite easily all without putting a dent in your bank account.

Mount Cinnamon Grenada Resort
For starters, if you plan on visiting the Caribbean at any point in the near future, you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to pay a visit to Mount Cinnamon. Located just above Grand Anse Beach among fairytale type vistas you will find this majestic resort. To be more specific, this particular selection can be found on the beautiful island of Grenada. This is one of the loveliest hidden gems of the Caribbean for several reasons. This remarkable resort offers both locals and visitors alike an exquisite view full of beaches, 21 villas and suites, and plenty of breathtaking natural, untouched beauty. Officially dubbed Savary’s Mount Cinnamon Resort in Grenada, when you visit this hidden gem you can expect to take in gorgeous local fauna, unforgettable gastronomic opportunities, and plenty of sun in the fun.

Pink Sand Bahamian Beach
Beaches with various colors of sand are quite the spectacle to behold should you get the chance. Luckily one of the more interesting hidden gems of the Caribbean is the famous Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas. First and foremost, this historical spot located along the eastern Atlantic Oceanside is considered to be one of the absolute best beaches in all of the Bahamas. This park/beach spot stretches for a seemingly endless three miles in length by a total of 100 feet in width. The pale pink color of the sand is all thanks to the inhabitance of the coral insect known as Foraminifera. Try your hand at snorkeling and swimming for a certain good time. Are you planning a Caribbean getaway for your honeymoon? The pink sand Bahamian beach is home to a host of horses ready to be ridden in a romantic fashion. It is a truly fun and unique experience that is all found on Harbour Island.

Sea Kayaking in the little island of Petit Tabac
If you review your vacation plans and you think you recognize this island – you probably do! In fact, it was on this island that the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed! As if that is not interesting enough, this location happens to be world-famous. When you kayak off the little island of Petit Tabac, you will be amazed as you take in rare sights and sounds from sea turtles to some of the clearest blue water you have ever seen. If you have been searching for a natural, stress-free experience, look no further than this little hidden gem in the Caribbean

Underwater Sculptures in Machones
Yes, you read that correctly—there are several underwater attractions found in between Cancun and Isla Mujeres. This enchanting underground garden located beneath the Caribbean Sea initially began construction in 2009. Located only 28-feet from the surface of the sea, this popular attraction draws in newbies and trained divers alike, offering up around 500 statues and the like covered in both colorful coral reefs and marine life. The project was started in order to help preserve the Mesoamerican Reef and so far it is doing an impressive job.

Bellavista Bed & Breakfast – St. Thomas
This very limited Bellavista Bed & Breakfast is a very limited upscale hilltop retreat with a total of only four rooms. Therefore, if you are looking to spend some time here it would be advantageous for you to plan ahead so you have a room secured before you depart. With personalized and relaxing host provided services, you can count on 100% comfort and relaxation. Take in beautiful and calming harbor views amidst this elegant oasis. This comes highly recommended for anyone prepping for adventure. With a two-course breakfast on top of a great night’s sleep – you can count on being 100% rested when you leave the following morning.

Affordable Travel Amid the Caribbean
While you may go to plan a vacation and immediately ignore the Caribbean due to the impending cost—this is NOT an impossible destination that is only available to the rich. Should you find yourself able to visit this stunning part of the world, keep in mind that the hidden gems of the Caribbean on this list are only the start. In fact, there are many destinations in the Caribbean that are more than affordable when you travel. Not only affordable, these gems are a must-see. Before you travel to the Caribbean, be sure to pencil these locations into your plans for maximum enjoyment.


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