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No matter where you find yourself currently residing, it is a natural human desire to want to explore the world. There is a seemingly endless amount of travel destinations that are worth more than a passing glance in this world. Each one with its own charms, unique culture, and beautiful natural sights worth a roll or two of photographs to remember your trip by – or in today’s world – an SD card or two. While it can be considerably expensive to plan a trip to say, South Africa, if you find yourself able to visit this country, you are in luck. Not only is it a wondrous place filled with mass amounts of dreamy countryside views and plenty of wild animal life you may never get the chance to see anywhere else—it is also a culturally intricate country with a good amount of history and lots to see and do. Ultimately, the country of South Africa just might be the perfect vacation spot for travelers coming from all over the globe, and there are of course plenty of benefits one will see when visiting here, as there are with practically any other foreign country, state, area, etc. Let’s dive in and take a peek at the good aspects regarding South Africa.


South Africa: Why Should You Visit?


When discussing vacation in relation to Africa, many tend to think of South Africa as the opposite of North. However, you might be surprised to learn that South Africa is actually quite similar to North Africa as far as the landscapes and nature are concerned. However, the culture is in fact quite different.  Before you officially book your trip to South Africa, you should take the time to read the following list of pros concerning the area in question to guarantee that this is the perfect vacation spot for you.

Beautiful Beaches in South Africa

Located in Cape Town you will find a plethora of stunning, unforgettable urban beaches that are simply a must-see should you decide to visit. From the lovely area of Camps Bay stretching through the city center and extending beyond Boulders Beach, you will find glorious beaches with sights you cannot imagine such as bunches of endangered African Penguins to start. From there you will discover the Indian Ocean coastline, tropical coral reefs, and tons of incredible diving and snorkeling opportunities along Rocktail Bay.

Boulders Beach South Africa

African Penguins – at Boulders Beach Cape Town, South Africa.

 Amazing Wildlife


It just so happens that the most well-known Big 5 destination in all of the continent is found in South Africa. Known to travelers and locals alike as the Kruger National Park, this and other places like this can be found all over the country of South Africa. In fact, there are numerous excellent game parks and private reserves alike. Seek out leopards, bat-eared foxes, and other native wildlife.

African bush elephant in Kruger National park, South Africa

African bush elephants in Kruger National park, South Africa

 Incredible Wine and Food Options

When you visit South Africa you can rest assured that you will not go hungry. This is due to the vast selection of food and drink options all over the country. To go a step further, many who have tried it will report that many dishes found here are top-notch, world-class. Travel to Franschhoek or Johannesburg if you are a fan of craft brews, amazing coffees, unique markets, and unique cuisines.


bobotie and yellow rice

Bobotie and yellow rice, south African cuisine.

 Gorgeous Weather

South Africa is well-known for its beautiful weather practically all year-round. The summers are comfortably warm-hot, while the winters are quite mild. This makes for a great vacation destination basically any time of the year. With hot summers that are ideal for beach going and outdoor activities to mild winters that enable many of the same activities, only with maybe a light jacket.



As it stands now, there was never been a more affordable time to pay South Africa a visit. Therefore, if you are someone who likes to travel frequently then South Africa should certainly find its way onto your to-see list. Do not let the reduced-price tag fool you either—South Africa provides all the beauty and culture you could possibly desire without making your break the bank. Since you are receiving so much bang for your buck, there is absolutely no reason to miss such an opportunity!

Cape Town  South Africa is Ranked as the World’s Best City (Again)

From the gorgeous mountain range to its glittering sea, Cape Town is truly a sight for sore eyes. No matter which type of scenery you prefer, there is something for everyone in this one-of-a-kind city. Discover incredibly green lands and remarkable white sand beaches that beckon you from the road. Here you can sunbathe on massive granite boulders or take a dive in the refreshingly chilly Atlantic. More of a mountainous landscape fan? Consider paying a visit to South Africa’s numerous mountain streams that run in and out of their lush forests.

Clifton beach Cape Town

Clifton beach Cape Town South Africa

South Africa has the “Big Five”

While we already mentioned wildlife , we did not encompass the full extent of what you can actually see should you visit the area. In today’s world, it can be quite difficult to see certain animals due to the consistent loss in wildlife and dwindling numbers of endangered species. However, as one might expect, both North and South Africa contain larger numbers of said species. The big five refers to the majestic lion, leopard, rhino, Cape Buffalo, and the humble elephant. Together, these species make for an unforgettable experience.

 South African Big Five

South African Big Five

Making the Most of Your Travels

When you are perusing through your travel options you are ultimately going to want to find the best option for you personally. That is why we are here to provide you with the information you need to make a sound decision. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to visit in the near future, you want to be sure you are well-informed.  Before you begin planning your South African adventure, be sure to read up, take notes, and most importantly, that you feel confident in your plans. Good luck and enjoy your trip—no matter where you end up.

Vacation in south Africa

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