Top 5 Underrated Beaches in the World

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Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing at the beach?

Most people look forward to taking a nice beach vacation, enjoying the sun and beautiful water.
There are many beaches that you may be familiar with already, but take a look at the top 5 underrated beaches you must visit if you are looking for an unforgettable experience.

Curaçao: The Best Kept Secret in the Caribbean

When people are planning a vacation to the Caribbean, places like Aruba are among the first places people think about. However, this Dutch Caribbean location is a lesser known spot with just as fantastic weather. You’ll love the fact that there are 35 beaches on this island, that seem desolate and untouched by humans. The collection of beaches here are among the best-underrated beaches in the entire world.

Curacao Porto Marie Beach.

Porto Marie Beach.

South Haven Beach, Michigan: You Don’t Need to Be on the Coast for a Great Beach

Most people think of the best beaches in the United States being located in places like Florida, California, or Hawaii. You probably don’t think of heading to Michigan for a beach vacation. In South Haven Beach, Michigan, guests can enjoy over 35 miles of beach that are located right on Lake Michigan. It’s a more charming and quiet environment than you may find at other beaches, but this is still a fantastic spot.

South Haven Beach Lake Michigan

South Haven Beach Lake Michigan

Ibo Island, Mozambique: A Quiet African Beach Haven

Originally the trading outpost for Mozambique, this is one of the oldest and most historic islands in the Quirimbas. You can find sparkling and gorgeous turquoise waters, with plenty of stunning marine life that you can see when you go snorkeling. You will the architecture here has been influenced by the Portuguese, Indian, and Arab settlers that found themselves on this gorgeous island. It’s a quieter location, but a hugely underrated beach that you have to see.

Ibo Island, Mozambique

Ibo Island, Mozambique

West Bay, Roatán, Honduras: One of the Best White Sand Beaches in Central America

Honduras may not be the first vacation place travelers think of heading to when they want a beach retreat. However, this is one of the safest and friendliest islands in the entire country. One of the most important things about this location is that it has the 2nd most significant coral reef topography in the world. The water is crystal clear and calm, which is why this is an ideal location if you love freediving. There are stunning views that help you to truly relax on the beach.

Roatan Island, Honduras, West Bay Beach

Roatan Island, Honduras, West Bay Beach

Ballyholme Beach, Northern Ireland: An Irish Retreat

Northern Ireland is not a place that you think of when you think of “beach vacations.” However, you would be missing out on one of the most underrated beaches in the world. This beach is a relaxing place where you can walk your dog or bask in the serene beauty of the beach. This area is an especially great beach to visit if you love boat watching. Not every beach has to be a tropical paradise to be an incredible spot to visit.

Ballyholme Beach, Northern Ireland

Ballyholme Beach, Northern Ireland

underrated beaches in the world

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