Traveling Alone, the Advantages of Solo Travel

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Traveling Alone, Advantages of solo travel

Traveling alone is good for the mind, body, and spirit. It is something we believe everyone should take part in at least once in their lifetime.

Even if you think you can’t afford it, there are indeed plenty of ways one can plan an affordable trip without missing out on the more popular and hidden gems located all around the world. While planning an adventurous vacation, it is common that we tend to travel with family and/or friends out of habit or comfort. Unfortunately, this often leads to the decision not to travel, especially when we cannot find someone who has a similar availability. However, this should NEVER be a reason to miss vacation.

We are here today to inform you of how traveling solo can actually be highly beneficial.

While it might seem a bit intimidating in the beginning, you will certainly be delighted when you gain comfort and self-awareness, and you are able to be completely present for the road ahead. So, how is it beneficial to travel solo? Let’s take a peek.

 Traveling Alone  is Complete Freedom

When you travel with friends or a group of basically any kind, what you end up doing is ultimately based on popular vote. This can be problematic for many as it causes conflict among friends with one person wanting to shop, while you are hoping to hit the trails and check out the local scenery. Because you only have so much time while traveling, unless you are on sabbatical, it is challenging to keep everyone happy. When you travel somewhere alone with a clear goal, it promotes a real ere of beauty and personal achievement. Besides putting an end to debate, the freedom you enjoy while vacationing alone also provides a more intimate experience that leaves you more connected to your surroundings.

The Potential for New Friends

More commonly than not, we like to travel in pairs or groups. It allows us to feel comfortable and spend time with the ones you love. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, it can sometimes leave us cut-off from certain opportunities. Going out alone will inevitably lead you to new experiences involving those around you. Opening yourself up to the opportunity of making new friends is beneficial beyond the notion of simply making acquaintances, and in fact, could lead to long-time friendships, love, and a place to stay when you come back should you befriend a local!

Traveling Alone Helps to Build Confidence

While vacationing can be expensive, the confidence one gains from a solo vacation is truly priceless. Even if you consider yourself to be a fairly confident individual, spending time in a new country without the crutch of familiarity, will leave you feeling more adventurous and open to a new experience. Furthermore, you are tasked with making your own decisions, allowing you to truly live and learn. Couple that with the desire to have company and you will see yourself flourish.

Your Trip is Typically Drama-Free

While company is a wonderful thing to have, learning how to be independent and enjoy things when flying solo ultimately allows us to decide for ourselves. In other words, there is no room for debate or arguments, completely ridding your adventure of any and all drama. When we travel in a group, we commonly end up sharing rooms, eating times, transportation, and the like. In a foreign country, this makes for a drama breeding ground. However, when you travel alone, you travel without the possibility of drama. Without drama, we can remain focused, truly enjoy ourselves, relax, and focus on the road ahead.

 Traveling Alone is Much More Adventurous

Even if you consider yourself to be reserved, if you travel alone you will soon discover just how open we as humans truly are to adventure. When we travel with others, we tend to want to plan out our every step, in order to be comfortable and ready for what’s next. When we travel alone we are ultimately saying yes to an adventurous and spiritual experience. Furthermore, you will find that you are ultimately more open to the options at hand then you would be if you were bogged down with the worry of what everyone else wanted.

Flying Solo

In the end, making the conscious decision to travel alone can be beneficial for a number of reasons, and ultimately, it really builds character. If you are nervous and feel like you still need a bit of guidance, you can always contact a travel agency or some other qualified service provider to help you plan the best vacation for YOU. Because ultimately traveling alone is all about you and what you want to do. Be careful when you begin vacationing alone, however, as you may soon find yourself wanting to do it again, and again in the near future!

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